Super Bowl Prediction

Sorry, Ribs readers. Things have been crazy at the ranch the last couple of days, which has prevented me the opportunity to blog about this, that and the other and drained me of all creativity. So, in my stead I have created a template for my typical blog. A Mad Ribs, if you will (like Mad Libs® … I’m clever). Fill it in as you see fit:

Break out the deep-fried (noun), fancy hats and (alcoholic beverage). The Super Bowl is almost here. It’s such a (adjective) time of year!

Payton Manning

Gary "Peyton" Manning from the Indianapolis (powerful horses)

Which got me thinking, can you believe (random observation)? I mean, (subject) is crazier than Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. “It puts the (scented cream product) on its skin,” and what not. The other day, I went to (chain restaurant other than T.G.I. Friday’s®). The waitress was wearing one of those t-shirts from that (film about a teenage vampire boy dating a teenage human girl) movie. What ever happened to uniforms? Customer service these days is (synonym for feces). It never ceases to amaze me. Like (pop culture reference).

When I ask for a (meat between two slices of bread) without (condiment with the same name as the Memphis Grizzlies guard) that’s what I want. Why is it so difficult? So, of course the waitress brings me my meal with the (condiment that rhymes with last name of the Charles in Charge actor) spread all over it. This is (four letter word)! And parsley. What’s the deal with parsley?

Anyways, the Indianapolis Colts will win the Super Bowl 31 – 27.



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