Ribs’ Reviews: Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is the “true” story of Katie and her boyfriend Micah, who live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when demons stop being polite and start getting real.

This movie, filmed guerilla style, is similar to The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and Bebe’s Kids. In the film, the couple (played by unknown actors in order to add a “real” element to the production) decides to video tape their home, around the clock, in order to capture some kind of evidence as to the existence of an entity that has haunted and tormented Katie since childhood. A visit from a psychic, Dr. Fredrichs (played by a guy with white hair), determines that the presence is indeed a demon, and not a ghost. Because ghosts don’t roll like that. Ya heard?

Spoiler Alert: Contrary to what you might expect, Dr. Fredrichs does not turn out to be the demon at the end, all Scooby Doo style.

What do demons eat for breakfast? .... Devilled Eggs

Soon enough, the demon makes his presence known by pulling demon pranks and shenanigans in the middle of the night. Opening and closing doors. Shaking chandeliers. Dipping Micah’s hand in water as he sleeps. Ordering Domino’s® pizza. Burning Ouija boards. You know, the usual. Tensions rise between Katie and Micah as they debate whether to exercise the demon. After researching consumer reports and product analysis, they determine the cost of a Bowflex® home workout system to be too high and instead decide to exorcise the demon by giving Dr. Johan Abrams, an exorcism expert, a call. Things go pretty ape shit from that point on, believe you me.

Perhaps Paranormal Activity had been far too hyped prior to my viewing, because I didn’t think it was that scary. Perhaps it was because I watched it at 10 AM. Perhaps, indeed. With that being said, as far as horror movies and demon-based plots go, it wasn’t too shabby and kept me interested till the end. The actors are all believable and Viggo Mortensen gives a gripping, ethereal performance as the demon, and, in my opinion, was seriously snubbed by The Oscar’s® committee. I mean, Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones? Please. Get serious.

Anyways, I would give Paranormal Activity 3 gravy boats out of 5.

There is no doubt the film would have been better if watched at night, with the lights off and a tray of Tostino’s® pizza rolls.




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2 Responses to “Ribs’ Reviews: Paranormal Activity”

  1. therebelunderground Says:

    i agree with the whole devil/ghost thing….it was kind of…”okay Mr. Know it all…I have a demon infestation.” lol

    However, it was a lot better than Blair Witch. 10am? Yeah…pretty early to get scared. The people who saw it in the theater weren’t really scared either…which leads me to think they were probably drunk and wanting to watch a slasher flick.

  2. Branden Says:

    Nice Bebe’s Kids reference there. I saw this film when the hype was deafening. I couldn’t have been more bored. The cheap frights were blah! I kinda liked Katie if she had the ovaries to call the demonologist and not listening to her dipshit of a boyfriend. The ending wouldn’t have happened.

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