Survivor Predictions: Week 3

Record: 0-2

To quote G.W. Bush, “Fool me once Survivor preview, shame on you. Fool me twice, and you’re not gonna fool me again.” “Boston” Rob’s “injury” was more an audition for a CBS drama rather than a serious threat to his well-being. So. He stayed in the game and helped destroy the “Heroes” on the puzzle, once again. Making me wrong, once again.

Surprisingly, the “Heroes” already seem to be voting based on personal agendas rather than team prosperity which throws a serious wrench in my overall prediction for the show. Plus. James is angry, which means stupid things will probably start to happen, because James is stupid (voted off with two immunity idols on his first season). But. For the time being. Because they still have performed so well in the physical aspect of the challenges, I will once again pick them to win tonight’s immunity challenge. I suppose I’m stubborn.

Unfortunately, we have seen very little of the “Villains” at this point, other than “Boston Rob, who has stolen pretty much all of the screen time on that side of the island. It seems unlikely that he would be voted off, since he is definitely the team’s motor and leader. He is close to Sandra, so she is probably safe. I think it is a little too early for a major shocker, i.e. Russel or Parvati.  Because she has been barely mentioned whatsoever, has no physical talents and really offers nothing more than a nasty attitude, I think Courtney will be voted off tonight. Call it a gut guess. Or stupidity.

Prediction: Courtney “Skin and Bones” Yates

Go Tom!


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