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Survivor Predictions: Week 5

March 11, 2010

Record: 0-4

By this point you should be hanging on my every word.

What was more huge last week? Tom finding the immunity idol or JD flipping and voting off Cirie? The answer: Both.

Honestly, I’m shocked at just how bad the “Heroes” have been at the challenges thus far. There wasn’t even a puzzle last week. But I can’t imagine them losing three in a row. I mean really. SO. Once again I will pick them to win the immunity challenge.

Because of that, I will stick with my pick from last week. Russel isn’t making friends by looking for the immunity idol. He will likely find it making the “Villains” weary to vote for him so they will go after Parvati. Maybe I will just pick Parvati every week? It has to be right sooner or later.

Prediction: Parvati



Survivor Predictions: Week 4

March 4, 2010

Record: 0-3

Close but no cigar. Last week I wrote out my entire post with the intention of picking Randy to be voted out. For reals. Then, at the last minute, I changed it to Courtney. Why? You ask. I don’t know. My bad. At least I picked the right team. Here’s to small victories!

By the way. Remember when Randy threw his buff in the fire? Is he five years old? No. He is like 50 something. But still.

If you ask me, there was definitely a little interference from the producers in last week’s episode by making the reward/immunity challenge entirely physical with no puzzle to be found. I doubt CBS/Mark Burnett wants this thing to become too one-sided. Naturally. The “Heroes” won immunity 7-0 without hardly breaking a sweat. James vs. Randy has to be one of the most lopsided matchups in the history of the show. It looked like Shaquille O’Neal fighting a muskrat. Now that the “Heroes” have their mojo going, I imagine you will see a puzzle again this episode.

Without further ado. I’m sticking with the “Heroes” on the immunity challenge. Four weeks in a row. This is the week they conquer the puzzle and tie the score.  It looks like “Boston” Rob and Russel are about to start a power struggle on the “Villains” that may tear the tribe in half. As it is now, I think more people will stick with “Boston” Rob due to his value and popularity. Because it will be too early to get rid of Russel for physical reasons, Rob will chop off one of his legs by going for Parvati. A serious threat in her own right, and a previous winner.

Prediction: Parvati


Survivor Predictions: Week 2

February 19, 2010

*Unfortunately, I was unable to post this before last night’s  episode. Fortunately, that doesn’t make me any less wrong.*

Record: 0-1

It looks as though I was right about the “Heroes” dominating the physical challenges. Here’s to small victories. Little did I know, the “Heroes” would be AWFUL at puzzles. Seriously. I think Al Gore and a styrofoam cup could have worked together better than that. Hell, even the New Jersey Nets could have beat them.

Therefore. Sugar was the first to the chopping block. Don’t cry for her, Argentina.

Any-Hoo.  Based on the previews for this week’s episode, I would have to assume “Boston” Rob will be leaving the game tonight. I can only recall one player in the history of Survivor to suffer a major injury and return. So. The smart money says that this is “The Boy from Bean Town’s” last episode and there will be no Tribal Council (CBS has to milk this cash cow as long as they can).

Prediction: “Boston” Rob

Coach is a pimp!


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Survivor Predictions: Week 1

February 11, 2010

If you are like me, people constantly confuse you for (insert young, sexy actor here). Also, you are pretty excited about the première of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains tonight on CBS. Check your local listings. If you feel like it.

This season, the 20th of the hit “reality” series, is gearing up to be one of the best with the return of many of the show’s most entertaining and enigmatic cast members. As well as Candice Woodcock.

I don’t think I have missed more than two or three episodes since the show first aired in the summer of 2000. Therefore, I consider myself a bit of a Survivor expert. Which means, you may consider me a bit of a dork? That’s OK. I accept it.


Anyways, for fun, I plan to put my “fandom” to the test this season to see whether or not I can correctly guess who the winner will be. I will also guess who will be voted out each week. Play along at home, if you like. Or don’t. So, without further ado, here we go:

First voted out:

The “Heroes” team is stacked physically. The five guys (J.T., Tom, Rupert, James and Colby) are all almost strictly known for their athletic ability and success in their previous seasons. They also have two of the most athletic girls in the show’s history, Stephanie LaGrossa and Amanda Kimmel. Therefore, the “Heroes” will win the first, and many of the tribal immunity challenges.

Because Sandra Diaz-Twine is a previous winner, and will not be able to help the “Villains” in future physical challenges, she will be the first to have her torch extinguished.

Prediction: Sandra Diaz-Twine

Sole Survivor:

After watching the past 19 seasons, I have determined that there are four types of players — The Rat, The Coat Tail, The Athlete and The Socialite.

According to my math, The Rat wins 47% of the time, The Coat Tail wins 21% of the time, The Athlete wins 16% of the time and The Socialite wins 16% of the time. Also, the winner is a man 58% of the time.

So, the smart money would be picking a man with the potential to be The Rat.

However, for this particular season, I’m going to pick a man with the potential to be The Athlete.

As mentioned before, the “Heroes” team seems stacked athletically. I confidently assume they will have the numbers when entering the merge. Because the “Heroes” will already know the strategies and tactics of the “Villains” based on past seasons, it is unlikely they will let any of them wiggle their way into their circle. I predict the final four players will be “Heroes” — Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman, Amanda Kimmel and Stephenie LaGrossa.

I think Colby will win the final immunity challenge and will elect to bring Tom and Stephenie to the finale with him.

In the end, there is no way the jury will vote for Tom, since he is a previous winner, and Stephenie doesn’t have quite the Survivor clout as her competitor.

Winner: Colby “Four Blades” Donaldson

There you have it – Let’s see how I do